Listen: Ollie Gabriel's Motivational Track "Running Man"

Infectious and upbeat, Ollie Gabriel's "Running Man" is a soul-pop delight.

The Louisiana native released the single in Europe last year, where it ranked No. 5 in Austria, hit the top 20 in Switzerland and the top 30 in Germany. Generating over 2 million YouTube views, the track also hit the top 10 on German Spotify's top hits playlist.

Making his move into the U.S. market in 2017, Gabriel will no doubt win over the nation with his fresh, positive vibe. “Like most I wanted to be Michael Jackson as a young kid, I wanted that power to move people emotionally," he said. "The biggest thing that I learned from my idols is that it is not about trying to copy something, but about creating something unique." And that's exactly what he's doing. An inspirational anthem about following your dreams and overcoming obstacles, "Running Man" has the power to move, motivate, and fulfill, and it's what we all need to hear right now.  “I think that today there isn’t enough music that makes people happy”, he said. “I’m not a preacher nor a saint but my songs come from a place of joy, deep love and a lot of happiness."

All we can say is YASS OLLIE. Listen below.

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