My Playlist: Alan Matheus

PHOTO CREDIT: Di Roma Photography

PHOTO CREDIT: Di Roma Photography

Alan Matheus was a shining star on Univision's La Banda. As one of the youngest contestants on the show's first season, he thrilled coaches and viewers with his impressive talent. Today he shares a playlist of songs that have influenced his music with Musical Notes Global. Keep reading for a special announcement from Alan below.

"I'm a Mess"-Ed Sheeran

"I love this version of the song because it shows how powerful a song can be even when it's played with only guitar and vocals."


"Shape of You"-Ed Sheeran (Boyce Avenue acoustic cover)

"All their covers are amazing, this is just one example of what I would like my covers to look like."


"If I Ain't Got You-Gravity"-Alicia Keys & John Mayer

"Everything about this video is perfect, the songs, the response from the crowd, and their interpretations of each other's songs."


Sin Bandera

"I get inspired by watching this duo sing so many great songs with so much feeling. I hope to one day I'll be able to sing with as much feeling as they do."



"Y Llegaste Tú"


"Still Feel Like Your Man-A John Mayer Cover"-Gabebondoc

"I like how he engages with his subscribers, not to mention how good he sings and plays the guitar."

Alan has some special news for his fans!

"I'm very excited to announce that on June 16, 2017 I will be releasing my second single called 'The Way'," he told Musical Notes Global. "The song is a romantic ballad written by my brother Oliver and I. We have been writing many songs and throughout the summer break we will continue writing and recording as many songs as possible to eventually release an album."

Learn more about Alan Matheus in his interview with Musical Notes Global here, and for all of his latest news and updates, follow him on social media:

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