Onesie Release First Full Length Leos Consume

"Hooky. Kooky. Booky? Is that a word?" Onesie's lead singer Ben Haberland said when asked to describe the band's new album Leos Consume.

The Brooklyn-based band creates infectious guitar-driven anthems that blend vivid elements of British pop, American punk, and classic rock. Leos Consume, the band's first full-length release, is chock full of those sounds. With origins that date back to 2007, when Haberland started writing and stockpiling demos, the album is the fantastic result of a 10-year-long process. "It took another six years and several scrapped bands before I really prioritized being a singer songwriter/front person. By 2013, we had formed the live band and by early 2014 we were working on recording the album," he explained to Musical Notes Global. "Life of course imposed a few lengthy breaks in there, so we had a while to sort through the tunes and work on our favorite stuff. That said, the basic tracks were done over a weekend so hopefully you feel that immediacy cut through as well." And while most of the songs on Leos Consume deal with the reality of getting older—"There's not any singular message to take away from that other than the most cliched sentiment possible: be yourself and FTW," Haberland noted—the album as a whole is sonically vivid, despite its seemingly heavy subject matter.

The music video for their single "Daytime King" plays off of Onesie's spirited vibe and is an eclectic mixture of images and scenes that take the viewer on a journey. "We had selected 2 or 3 contenders for first single and actually started filming the video without being sure what song would be attached," Haberland said. "It became clear that Daytime King's repeating guitar hook and looping Manchester beat best fit the vision of delivery person bouncing merrily through their day. It's always fun to receive a package and it's funny how that can be a moment of profound change in your life, like, here's a letter saying you've gotten into grad school or here are your x-rays and you need to call the doctor right away. It's the same with phone calls since texting and email have taken precedence-you dread it just because it might be severe," he continued. "I started thinking about this dude whose job it was to deliver a ubiquitous white box that every person regardless of who they are is required to receive. So, sort of post apocalyptic in a benign, FedEx kind of way. I pitched it to my homie Grim Futures who helped me on our last video and he was into it. We're old friends with and can have fun taking a few hours to craft some entertainment."

Just last week the band shared their newest music video for "This Minstrel." Filmed in Brooklyn, it features an FAO Schwarz Jim Henson puppet as the protagonist. "It's a relatively chill song in the Onesie oeuvre," Haberland said about the track. "The lyrics reference various people that have moved on with their lives. The protagonist feels left behind; it's that feeling of always looking over your shoulder, assessing failure, or just being caught in the loop of trying to make sense of your path whilst feeling frozen on it. There's that cliche that the past is very alluring to people since it can be held and studied, but really, nostalgia or comparing your circumstance to others just digs you into a deeper hole that's increasingly harder to climb out from." Watch the video below.

Dying to see Onesie perform live this summer? Check out their upcoming show dates, including an official showcase at Brooklyn's Northside Festival this Saturday, June 10:

June 10 - Bar Matchless, Manhattan, NYC (Northside Festival showcase, event)
June 22 - PA's Lounge, Boston, MA
June 23 - Paulys Hotel, Albany, NY (event)
June 27 - The Well, Brooklyn, NYC (event)
June 30 - Brew Haus, Lindenhurst, NY
July 1 - Creep Records, Philadelphia, PA
August 18 - The Cape House, Brooklyn, NYC

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