Rhode Island's Royal Street Talks Debut Album Flavors with MNGBlog

Rhode Island-based pop-rockers Royal Street are becoming experts at delivering infectious melodies and vibrant rhythms to their listeners. Last week, they released their eclectic debut album Flavors.

Flavors is a project that's been more than a year in the making. "The release of...'Flavors' highlights that musically and as individuals we have a lot of different elements and styles we like to play around with," the band said. "Listen to Make Believe, and be connected to a time when someone wasn't taking you seriously. Listen to Prove It, and be empowered and confident that you are on the right path in life, and no one can tell you otherwise. Listen to Cranston Crank to dance...and to rid yourself of any negative force. This album has a bit of everything, and we're confident that anyone could find something that they enjoy about it."

Funky, soulful, and edgy, the album's lyrical content is open to interpretation. "It definitely has some themes," they explained, "but the message is an open-ended one, because music is a personal thing and we'd really like people to hear these songs in their own way and have it mean something to them." So what can listeners expect from this album, then? "If you're someone who likes to go to shows and support the underground rock scene, but you also have a sweet tooth for some straight-up dancey pop music, this album is perfect for you," they said.

As the band previously mentioned, Flavors features the energetic single "Make Believe," a track that focuses on not taking love for granted and taking the time to live in the present. "'Make Believe' is the closest we come to a ballad on the album, and it's a story about the love we lose when we're not paying attention." Written collaboratively by the band with lyrics by lead vocalist Viana Newton, it was produced at Bridge East Studios by John Dello-Iacono. "This is one of our favorite tracks," the band revealed, "which is why we chose it to make our first music video off the album with."

The official music video for "Make Believe" was recently released. Watch below.

Royal Street is on tour this month in parts of New England and the Midwest with The Millenium. For all of Royal Street's latest news and updates, follow them on social media:

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