Shayla Souliere Releases New Anthem "Over"

Canadian-born pop artist Shayla Souliere has released an awesome new inspirational anthem titled "Over."

The track is Souliere's first original single since her 2016 hit "Screw U." Discussing a relationship that has come to an end and moving on in its aftermath, "Over" is strength-promoting and infectious and combines elements of electro-pop and modern hip hop. "The track of Over definitely shows who I am, I am cheerful and easy going," Souliere said about the song. "I love making music that everyone can relate to. The lyrics 'I'm so over getting over you' I can relate to and I feel many others can as well."

Watch the lyric video below.

Souliere has built a huge following on Instagram and and actively works on YouTube collaborations with fellow artists like Kirsten Collins.

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