Julia Weldon Releases New Album Comatose Hope

Yesterday indie-folk pop artist Julia Weldon released her second full-length album, Comatose Hope.

A self-taught musician, Weldon has overcome tremendous obstacles as she has built her career, including a coma suffered after a gender-affirming surgery just as she was beginning to work on a new album.

Informed by these experiences, Weldon tells her incredible story through Comatose Hope. Recorded in England, Comatose Hope is a powerful testament to the resilience of the human spirit. It's a musical journey that's also a dedication to the ups and downs that we all experience in life. Heartbreak and new love, connection and loss, life and death, she covers it all with grace and heartfelt insight.

"Making this album was the most intense and formative creative experience I've ever had," she said. "Since Drew Morgan (Producer-Perfume Genius) and I live an ocean apart, we made the most out of every hour we had while I was in England for two weeks."

In anticipation of the album, Weldon released a moving music video "'Til the Crying Fades," which is dedicated to the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting and features NYC-based LGBTQ musicians and performers. Check it out here.

Comatose Hope follows her critically acclaimed album Love Is a Ghost.

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