My Playlist: Beachwood Coyotes

As they prepare to release their new EP Scrubby, Los Angeles-based indie rock band Beachwood Coyotes have shared a playlist of some of their favorite songs, and the reasons why they like them, with Musical Notes Global. Listen below!

1. "Pure Comedy"-Father John Misty

"My favorite song to loudly in my car, by myself, while I let the shame of consuming another In N' Out Burger set in"


2. "Who Dat Boy"-Tyler The Creator

"I literally drove my car into a wall while listening to this song for the first time"


3. "The Gold"-Manchester Orchestra

"If my life were a movie, this song would play at the end credits and Cara Delevingne would be my wife"


4. "Call The Police"-LCD Soundsystem

"This song is so good that you'll call the cops on Lorde after you catch her Jay-walking since you're such an honest person and she shouldn't get away with that. Shame on her."


5. "Come On Eileen"-Dexy's Midnight Runners

"I don't care how old this song is. YOU LOVE EILEEN ADMIT IT."


6. "Writer In The Dark"-Lorde

"I haven't kissed many writers in the dark, but this song made me wish I'd kissed more."

7. "Name For You"-The Shins

"If this isn't a 'roll down your windows and go for a drive' type song then 'Blister in the Sun' by Violent Femmes is and you should listen to that too"


8. "Raise the Dead"-Phantom Planet

"This song reminds me of high school but I'm glad it's followed me beyond. They managed to marry epic orchestral arrangements with garage rock. Don't not listen to this, okay? P.S. Phantom Planet, please get back together. Please. Please Please."

9. "Humble"-Kendrick Lamar

"I heard this song and immediately started carving a wooden sculpture of a dog I saw once. Now THAT is influence. Thanks, Kendrick"


10. "Brazil"-Declan McKenna

"I call this a 'feel good' song. Don't get that confused with 'Feel Good Inc.' by Gorillaz which is also sort of a 'feel good' song but, like, not nearly as much as this song by Declan McKenna'

Be sure to check out Beachwood Coyotes' latest music video "Face To Face" here and learn more about the song here.

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