My Playlist: Drop The Gun

PHOTO CREDIT: Tobias Wilner

PHOTO CREDIT: Tobias Wilner

Danish-born singer, songwriter, DJ, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Sara Savery made her formal debut under the moniker Drop The Gun last month. Glamorous and raw, her self-titled debut EP is a seven-track collection of songs inspired by her experiences living in New York.

This week Drop The Gun shares a playlist of some of her favorite songs, and the reasons why she loves them, just with Musical Notes Global. Check 'em out below!

1. "Nothing Here"-Holy Other

The first time I heard Holy Other I was just blown away. His music is very soulful and incredibly sensual, to the extent that it's almost painful. I can't wait to hear more music from him. His two albums 'Held' and 'With U' have been a big inspiration to me and are totally worth checking out."


2. "Don't Call Me"-Tokimonsta ft. Yuna

"Tokimonsta's new track 'Don't Call Me' featuring Yuna is just a really fresh track with a dope beat and a catchy refrain. There aren't that many female producers out there but luckily Tokimonsta has been around for a while now and I'm always curious to hear what new things she comes up with."


3. "All Points Back to U"-Nosaj Thing ft. Steve Spacek

"Nosaj Thing is an electronic artist I've been following for a few years now. I like his music and just recently heard the track 'All Points Back to U' which just came out. I don't know anything about Steve Spacek but I think it's a cool collaboration."


4. "Soap"-Deem Spencer

"This track is so dope! I heard it at a club and was just like 'Wait, what was that?..' Pretty dark and stripped down instrumentation with cello and just really amazing, poetic lyrics...The greatest soap does nothing for a popped bubble...' Just love that metaphor :)"


5. "Body"-Syd

"Syd's album 'Fin' is awesome. The music comes across so focused and effortlessly cool. All her songs are just really cool and catchy and the whole album is just great to listen to. I'm choosing 'Body' as my favorite track although I really like em all :)"


6. "Lost" (Remix)-Sun Glitters

"I really like Sun Glitters and am still so excited about his remix of the Blue Foundation track 'Lost' which I co-wrote and am also singing on. It felt like a really perfect match. Check out his latest album 'It Will Be Forever' when you have a moment. And Blue Foundation's music is always so beautiful, sensual and dreamy. Have collaborated with them over the past few years and always love their vibe."

Sun Glitters Remix of Blue Foundation (featuring Sara Savery)


7. "Jealousy"-Roy Woods

"I was so stoked when Roy Woods dropped 'Exis' back in 2015. I love this guy's voice and I like how it compliments his stripped down trappy beats and dark synths. Very sultry...Love this track 'Jealousy'."

8. "Ice Moon"-Just Sza

"Sza is just a cool and charismatic artist. I loooooved her 'S' mix tape and really like Felix Snow's production in particular. I really liked the spheric and dreamy vibe."

Learn more about Drop The Gun's debut EP here and be sure to check out her newly released video for "All I Want" here.

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