My Playlist: Lily McQueen

PHOTO CREDIT: Owen Campbell

PHOTO CREDIT: Owen Campbell

Pop starlet Lily McQueen writes and co-produces all of her own songs. Raised on The Beatles and The Band and finding inspiration in songwriting powerhouse Max Martin, she sparkles and shimmers just like her music.

Fresh off the release of her debut full-length album Electric Love, a perfect collection of dreamy tracks made for listening to all summer long, she shares some songs she's loving for the season with Musical Notes Global. Listen below.

1. "Teenage Dream"-Katy Perry

"This song is pop perfection. Blast it on your way to the beach."


2. "Everywhere"-Fleetwood Mac

"This song sounds like a sparkling summer night and always makes me wanna dance."

3. "Free Fallin'"-Tom Petty

"This song is summer to me. It brings me back to family road trips. It's the first song I remember being obsessed with. I'm in awe of Tom Petty's songwriting. He knows how to keep it simple, but hit hard."


4. "All For You"-Janet Jackson

"This song is such a jam. Always puts me in a better mood."

5. "Cruel Summer"-bananarama

"I suppose this is an obvious choice with 'summer' in the name, but it's one of my favorites at the moment."


6. "Ramble On"-Led Zeppelin

"Ultimate road trip song. Roll down the windows and turn it up."

7. "Blinded By The Light"-Mannfred Mann

"Reminds me of the end of school and driving into the city with all my friends singing along. It was our anthem for a minute."

8. "Motivation"-Kelly Rowland

"My go to for dance parties."

9. "Human Nature"-Michael Jackson

"A perfect song to listen to walking around on a summer night, headphones in."


10. "Dirty Work"-Ian Matthews

"I had a hostessing job one summer and whenever I was having a bad night the bartender would put this song on for me."

Listen to the entire playlist on Spotify.

Last week, Lily shared the music video for her latest 80s-flavored single "Say Something."

"I love watching footage where you see bands behind the scenes," she said. "We were really inspired by Womack and Womack's music video for 'Teardrops' and The Band's 'The Last Waltz.' We wanted to make something that felt classic to match the tone of the song and also showcase my friends who have all played a role in helping me make this record." Watch "Say Something" here.

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