My Playlist: Love Ghost

Los Angeles-based indie rock band Love Ghost has succeeded in building a loyal following with their blend of '90s grunge and alternative rock. Lead by 15-year-old front man Finn Bell, the band worked on their EP with famed producer Mark Renk.

Today Love Ghost shares a playlist of songs they love with Musical Notes Global. Check it out.

1. "Nutshell"-Alice In Chains

"A song that helped me though a lot of my issues when I was going through rough times, it was always hold a special place in my heart."


2. "Cold"-The Cure

"I love how the drums drive it and accompanied with the strings it makes a moody atmosphere that you can't describe, you just have to listen to it, in it's entirety."


3. "Teenager"-Deftones

"A mellow song that can help you breathe."


4. "I Don't Wanna Be Me"-Type O Negative

"It really has the power to lift my spirits up and make me feel almost rather aggressive."


5. "Nude"-Radiohead

"An overall beautiful song, that has made me cry on a few occasions."


6. "Covet"-Basement

"A very angsty song, it just screams rebellion to me in every way."


7.  "Eyes On Fire"-Blue Foundation 

"A very moody song that's also very gentle, it's something to take a walk to and ponder life in my opinion."


8. "Medicine"-Daughter

"This song touched me from the moment I heard it when I was in seventh grade. I think anyone struggling with some form of addiction or close to someone with addiction will understand this song."

Check out Love Ghost's most recent music video "Forgive Me" here.