Watch: Ollie Gabriel's "Running Man"

Ollie Gabriel.jpeg

Louisiana native Ollie Gabriel is capturing hearts the world over with his infectious new soul-pop single "Running Man."

Released last year in Europe, the track was an instant radio hit and ranked No. 5 in Austria, hit the top 20 in Switzerland and the top 30 in Germany. It also hit the top 10 on German Spotify's top hits playlist.

An inspirational anthem about overcoming obstacles, "Running Man" moves and motivates, especially along with its new music video featuring Paralympic athlete Blake Leeper. The silver and bronze medalist, who was born missing both of his lower legs, serves as the perfect metaphor for Gabriel's lyrics, which encourage everyone to pursue their dreams, no matter what difficulties or stumbling blocks they may encounter along the way.

"I hope that this song pushes someone to keep going," Gabriel says about "Running Man." Don't worry, Ollie. It already has.

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