Residente Leads Latin Grammy Nominations


Puerto Rican rapper, writer, and producer Residente (René Pérez Joglar) has received a whopping nine Latin Grammy nominations in the following categories:

  • Album of the Year-Residente
  • Record of the Year-"Guerra"
  • Song of the Year-"Guerra"
  • Best Urban/Fusion-"Dagombas En Tamale"
  • Best Urban Music Album-Residente
  • Best Urban Song-"Somos Anormales"
  • Best Alternative Song-"Apocalíptico"
  • Best Tropical song-"Hijos Del Canaveral"
  • Best Music Video-"Desencuentro"

This year's nominations come in recognition of his self-titled debut solo album, which debuted at No. 1 on the Latin Album Sales chart and topped both the World Albums and Latin Rhythm Album Sales charts. They bring Residente to an unbelievable 39 lifetime Latin Grammy nominations.

"In times when it seems like the quality of music is decided by numbers and amount of followers on social media, radio chart positions, digital sales, there is still a space for artists that go against the current," he said. "Thank you to everyone who goes to my concerts proving that artists are not defined by numbers. Thank you to the Recording Academy for understanding proposals that have honesty as a priority."

Residente's latest music video "Guerra" speaks against the tragedies of war. The song has received two nominations (Record of the Year and Song of the Year). Filmed in Spain and on site at the Zahlee refugee camp on the Lebanese/Syrian border, the statement-making video was directed by Pérez and, upon its release, marked the launch of the extended "Guerra" project. "With this video of the song 'Guerra' I try to describe the cycle of war itself. The invader storms in, people suffer first hand from the attacks and the abuse, there are those who fight and resist the attack and those refugees who escape from war," he explained. "Meanwhile, we sit by comfortably in our homes, totally unaware of the true harshness of war. In today's industry that only churns out dance music - including some of my own tracks - it is vital for me as an artist to reserve space for topics that are this relevant and necessary."

Watch "Guerra" below.

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