Watch: "Heartbeats," the New Video from The Winter Sounds

Nashville-based indie band The Winter Sounds have shared the scenic new music video for "Heartbeats."

Overflowing with vibrant horns and enveloping synths, "Heartbeats" features the distinctive uplifting songwriting that has helped the band find a dedicated fan base. Paired with the compelling vocals of Patrick Keenan and a hook and chorus worthy of Top 40 radio, these elements combine flawlessly to make "Heartbeats" an emotive, otherworldly anthem that sweeps listeners away into a sparkling, addicting, musically delicious daydream.

Filmed in Estonia, the Zbanski Kino-directed video continues the dream-like feel of the song, taking viewers on a sensorial journey through the green fields and blue skies surrounding a country farmhouse. Watch below.

The Winter Sounds are preparing to release their fourth album, which is set to drop later this year. For all of their latest news and updates, follow them on social media:


Instagram: @thewintersounds

Twitter: @TheWinterSounds