Get to Know Us: Beautiful Nothing

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Illuminated passion and dynamic bass and guitar lines are what really characterize Canadian band Beautiful Nothing. Their unique 1980s-driven indie electro-rock has helped them win over listeners around their home country and beyond, and even brought them to Canadian Music Week last year.

Beautiful Nothing just released the music video for their hypnotic single "Simple Lies," an extraction from their new album Sleep Walk. They told Musical Notes Global all about the song, the making of the video, and more in a questionnaire-style interview. Check it out below.

Here's the scoop on our new single "Simple Lies": The idea of the song came from a common theme among us for the need to connect with someone on an emotional level, all the sensations that come with that and all the things about ourselves that we’re willing to give up for that connection. The video transforms from the perspective of one character to another and parallels the real world scenario on how fast everything in life can seem and how time can be perceived in so many different ways depending on which direction you are looking. This in itself is the simple lie.

Our favorite memory from filming the music video was: Getting to play around in the coffin was fun. We all took turns getting in it and creeping ourselves out.

The most important thing we learned from recording our album Sleep Walk was: It really helps to take your time when recording. Great art can't be rushed.

We love performing live because it's a huge release for us. If we haven't played live in a while we start to get anxious. After playing a show we feel so much better.

We love our fans because they're incredibly supportive and provide a means for us to continue doing what we love.

Something that listeners/fans might not know about Beautiful Nothing is: Three of us are brothers!

To us, music equals a lifestyle.

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