Johnnie Mikel Talks New Single "Come With Me" with Musical Notes Global

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Just 20 years old, up-and-coming pop artist Johnnie Mikel is already an accomplished musician, singer, and songwriter.

The Kentucky native and multi-instrumentalist recently released his new single "Come With Me," a high-energy, club-ready track that will get listeners up and moving in no time. "When it came to writing Come with Me, I was actually wrapping up some writing/recording in LA for my project," he explained to Musical Notes Global. "I knew I wanted that super hype pop track to add to my catalog of songs...I felt something was missing. My A&R soon connected me with multi-platinum producer Damon Sharpe, who sent a few tracks my way, as based off of my inspiration I sent him. As soon as I heard the track, I knew it was gonna be huge. We brought the incredible Lindy Robbins in ASAP and ended up toplining what would become my first single to release to the world! Working with such incredible and established people on my first single was such an exciting venture."

As the lead single from his upcoming release, "Come with Me" is a fantastic first taste of Johnnie's artistic identity and what he'll be sharing with the world in the future. "'Come with Me' is probably my most energetic track and definitely has a nightlife vibe," he said. "The song itself is about having the night of your life on the town with people you love, being yourself, and losing all inhibition. It honestly represents where I’m at in my life as a 20-year-old that’s also working in the music industry. I’m so glad it ended up being my first single, everyone gets to see a fun side of my personality right out of the gate and everyone has responded so well to that. I’m extremely grateful for the love everyone has sent my way lately."

Going along with the vibe of the track, the music video takes place in a club and ends with a cool plot twist. "One thing that’s super important to me as an artist is fashion! I love dramatic performers like David Bowie and Lady Gaga. I wanted to marry a high-fashion edge to a super club track like Come with Me," he told Musical Notes Global. "After some brainstorming and a lot of conversing with my team, we had most of the concept established. Lots of bright colors with a super vibe-y and international feel. Just a few days before the shoot, I added the finishing touch… the party in the video would end up being a wild dream. However, the Polaroids in the final scene show physical evidence that it all took place. It adds a fun twist to the end that makes people want to watch it again." With fabulously mesmerizing visuals and electric, pulsating colors, the video envelops viewers in the club's exciting atmosphere. "Overall, I’m so happy with how the video turned out and I think it’s an amazing representation of my artistry," he said. "Bobby Hewitt killed it and really brought my vision to life!

Curious? Watch "Come With Me" below!

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