Luke Buck Talks New Single "Winter"

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Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Luke Buck just released a new single, and it cuts straight through to the heart.

Touching on the theme of abandonment, "Winter" is wistful, soulful and glowing with a simple yet important message. "There's this intangible feeling I get when I listen to sad music; something that turns melancholy into something not so bad, almost something warm and fuzzy and enjoyable," he said. "Maybe its about not being alone in your emotions. I hope that listeners will take that away from listening; that warm and fuzzy feeling, and the idea that it's okay to feel feelings."

Indeed, the track provokes a profound emotional response, thanks in part to the addition of a compelling trumpet that truly speaks to listeners as if it were a person telling a story. "Two of my favorite songs ever are 'Chelsea' by Counting Crows and 'Life in a Glass House' by Radiohead, so I always keep horn sections in the back of my mind," he noted. "There's just something special about a solitary horn alone against the world. It makes me picture the streetlamp lit, snowy streets of New York City in the winter. For me the trumpet brings a whole warm layer to the song that makes it live in some sort of era-gone-by, giving it an instant classical sort of feel. It adds a bit of grit and breathiness to it just in being there; I think that's just the nature of the trumpet that instantly transports you to that special place - like the streets and are are cold, but you have the warm tone to juxtapose that and make you feel alright."

"Winter"'s magically powerful melody pulls listeners so deep into its world that it allows them to almost visually see the song's words play out before their eyes like a movie. Listen below.

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