Osvaldo Supino Talks New Single "Back Home"


Gold-selling Italian pop star Osvaldo Supino is known around the world for his passion, electric presence, and, of course, his dynamic yet heartfelt songs.

The multi-talented artist, who recently became the first Italian male artist to perform at Miami Beach Gay Pride, just released his deeply personal new single "Back Home," an extraction from his latest album Resolution. "I wrote this song for my sister," he revealed to Musical Notes Global. "We didn't talk for over 20 years. Then one day, we met for a family dinner, and I saw how similar we really are."

Gentle rhythms and poignant, sentimental lyrics make the track a moving tribute to life's trials that reaches deep into the soul. "It's about all the pieces we lose during our life, but that somehow comes back in the right place," he said. "At first I was scared to put the track in the album because it's something very deep and personal, but then I realized that probably sharing this message of happy ending can be something that can help other people that are in my same situation."

The special contribution of the Nashville Symphony Orchestra adds a sweeping ambience to the track. "I always dreamed about singing with an orchestra, and during the writing and producing process of the song I realized that this was the right song to do that," Supino explained. "So I tried to contact them and when I've listened the first demo they sent back to me I totally felt in love with this version."

Through old family photos, fans are given an intimate glimpse into Supino's private life in the accompanying music video. "I wanted to do something very simple and different from the video that I've done before. I wanted to share with my fans something more. Talking with Pietro Barba, who is the director of the video, we came up with this idea that I really love. I think it's one of my best videos I ever done."

Watch "Back Home" below.

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