Nuove Proposte Contestant Eva Pevarello Talks Sanremo 2018


Sanremo 2018 starts next week and Musical Notes Global had the chance to talk to one of the stellar contestants in the Nuove Proposte (New Artists) category this year.

27-year-old singer, songwriter, and professional tattoo artist Eva Pevarello became known all over Italy when she participated on X Factor in 2016 and has since released an EP and has opened shows for Carmen Consoli. Coming from a long line of entertainers, some might say it was inevitable that Eva ended up in the spotlight. "Music has always been part of me," she told Musical Notes Global. "I was born in the world of the 'traveling' show, from the moment that my family had a carnival and I therefore lived like a nomad until I was six years old. I always sing, I come from a family of real artists: thespians, circus performers, stuntmen, actors. My father is also a musician, he sings and plays the guitar and he also participated in television shows and music competitions when he was younger."

Bringing a powerful presence to the stage, Eva enters the Nuove Proposte category of Italy's prestigious annual Sanremo Music Festival this year with the song "Cosa ti salverà" ("What will save you"). She will compete against seven other singers in the category, which has been won in previous years by artists like Arisa, Laura Pausini, Rocco Hunt, Francesco Gabbani, and last year by Lele.

A moving heartfelt ballad, "Cosa ti salverà" prompts introspection and promises to be even more impactful with the addition of a live orchestra during the Festival, which takes place at the famous Ariston Theatre. "'Cosa ti salverà' speaks about the need to feel important regardless of who we are and who we want to be," she explained. "It's an ironic phrase: there's nothing that can save you if you're not aware of yourself, if you don't start with yourself and with daily life and your relationship with normalcy and ordinary days."

"I am very nervous and very excited," Eva said in anticipation of Sanremo. "It's a real dream come true. I still don't know what to expect, it will all be brand new and it will certainly be a wonderful surprise. An experience that I will carry with me forever. Seriously, I can't wait!"

Watch Eva's qualifying Sarà Sanremo performance of "Cosa ti salverà" below and watch the official music video here.

Sanremo takes place from February 6-10 and will be broadcast by the Italian network RAI. Check out the full list of Sanremo contestants here.

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