Watch the Latest from Ghali: "Cara Italia"

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Italian trap star Ghali has released an addicting new single dedicated to Italy.

The rapper of Tunisian descent, who was one of the most listened to artists in Italy on Spotify last year, found inspiration for his latest track when he was returning to Italy after his first trip to America.

Produced by Charlie Charles, "Cara Italia" is the first single Ghali has released since dropping his official debut album Album last May, which became the most listened-to album on Spotify in Italy in 2017. The song is a message to Ghali's native country in all of its beauty as well as in its flaws, and touches upon the subject of immigration.

"Dear Italy, I dedicate to you this song that I conceived returning from my first trip to America," he said in a message to fans on Instagram. "These great countries that we see in the movies have nothing on you. I hope however that I don't offend you for having brought out your defects, we all know that you are beautiful but this is to help improve."

"Dear Italy, I only ask you for three things," he continued later in the message: "Don't talk to me anymore about borders and I won't talk to you with skepticism. Don't feel inferior and I will feel worthy. Don't see me as an enemy and I will see you like a sister, a friend, a mother. I hope you can take my words into consideration. I love you dear Italy."

The accompanying music video was released one day after the song was made available on digital music platforms. In the 24 hours within the video's release on YouTube, it accumulated 4.2 million views, 226,000 likes, 19,000 comments, and 32,000 subscriptions, leading it to become a trending video in Italy and Switzerland as well as the most successful debut for a music video by an Italian artist on YouTube in its first 24 hours.

Watch "Cara Italia" below.

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