11 Songs You Need to Have On Your Fall Playlist

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Summer is over, but that doesn't mean the fun has to stop. While carving pumpkins, decorating for Halloween, and drinking some apple cider, jam out to our fall playlist. Our list of tracks features artists from around the United States and beyond. 

Stream the full playlist below!

“Tokyo” - joan

The mellow synth pop stylings of joan are so repeat worthy (anyone who saw them perform in Nashville last month can probably relate). You know what a warm pumpkin coffee on a cold October morning tastes like? That's what joan sounds like.

"Waiting For You" - ThBenj

This Sardinian-born singer, songwriter, and producer is finally going solo after years spent playing in bands. "Waiting For You" is the second single off his upcoming album, and, between electro beats and a catchy hook, it’s totally going to get stuck in your head. - ED

"Ride" - Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz did not disappoint on his new album Raise Vibration, and this track is classic Lenny. Channeling “It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over” vibes, it envelops listeners in the dreamiest, warmest melodies while conjuring thoughts of swirling leaves and crisp fall air. - ED

"Epa Wei" - Danny Ocean

Venezuelan singer, songwriter, and producer Danny Ocean dropped his viral breakout hit “Me Rehúso” in 2016 and since then he’s continued to dominate with his bi-lingual R&B-flecked bops. “Epa Wei” is his latest. Produced by Skrillex, the track is an infectious dembow that features a contagious chorus and a bubbly melody. - ED

“Plum” - Troye Sivan 

Sivan’s use of fruit as a metaphor for a rotting relationship elicits the universal feeling of falling out of love. This breakup anthem doubles as the perfect “late night cruising with your friends” track. - EK

 “How Can I Forget” - MKTO

Soulful American duo MKTO first stole our hearts with the undeniably catchy double platinum hit “Classic” and since then have had us on the edge of our seats waiting for new music. They recently returned to the scene with the single “How Can I Forget,” and it lends just a little bit of summer to the fall season. - ED

“Culpables”-Karol G & Anuel AA

With a sensual melody and clean lyrics, “Culpables” from Colombian reggaetonera Karol G and Puerto Rican rapero Anuel AA is a scandalous story about two people who are having an affair. - ED

“S.T.A.Y” - Nightly

Nightly’s latest single, S.T.A.Y, is the epitome of every person’s brain when they are drunk on cheap, crappy beer and missing their ex. On the other hand, this song is one hundred percent fun to dance alone to in your room. - EK

“La soluzione” - Laura Pausini

Italian pop queen Laura Pausini never fails to tug at the heart strings with her stunning ballads and unmatched vocals. “La soluzione” is the most recent single from her new album Fatti sentire and comes along with a beautiful music video filmed in New York. - ED

“WHITNEY” - Gavin Turek

This song provokes nostalgia, even for millennials and gen z’s. The ‘80’s Whitney Houston synthy vibes are perfect for partying on a Friday night in your best velvet jumpsuit and dancing around until the sun rises. - EK

“Body & Soul” - Teddy <3

The beat alone makes this song extremely addictive. Teddy’s voice rasps over her banging piano and guitar, making the garage rock/White Stripes-y anthem instantly a favorite. - EK

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