David Ayscue: 5 Reasons Why I Love New York

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Fans of James Taylor, Joshua Radin, and John Mayer, David Ayscue is here to bring you some feels.

The San Francisco native, and current resident of Los Angeles, recently shared his new single “New York,” a soothing, minimalistic ode to the beauty of the Big Apple.

"I wrote ‘New York’ last summer,” Ayscue explains. “I knew that in early August I was going to visit my brother, who was living in a small apartment in SoHo. My friend from high school was having his 21st birthday party in the city that same week, and a bunch of old friends were making the trip to the city to see everybody. It felt like this mass migration to NYC was happening, and it gave the city this center-of-the-world feeling. There's a rekindling of a romance in there as well. It’s a Central Park on a Sunday afternoon type of song.”

David revealed five reasons why he loves New York to Musical Notes Global. Check ‘em out below!

  1. I love the Brooklyn brownstones in winter... they have a super cozy feel to them.

  2. I love that you can get anywhere by walking or taking the subway.

  3. I love that when you’re there, it feels like there’s no where else to be. You’re at the center of the world.

  4. I love all the games of pickup basketball happening on the streetside courts throughout the city.

  5. I love Saturday morning in the summer when everyone is out and about, getting brunch with friends.

Listen to “New York” below.

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