ICYMI: Listen to the Soulful New Ballad from Liz Lokre: "Stop Runnin'"

Liz Lokre Stop Runnin.jpeg

Canadian singer-songwriter Liz Lokre has released the intimate music video for her new single “Stop Runnin’”.

Lokre wrote the powerful track for the movie Little Italy, a rom-com about two warring families that takes place in Toronto’s Little Italy, Lokre’s hometown.

"When I was approached to write a song for ‘Little Italy’ I knew it had to evoke a certain romantic comedy worthy emotion,” she reveals. “‘Stop Runnin'‘ is about a girl who could have the world if she wanted it, but she discovers everything she's wanted has been there all along.. it captures that moment when Emma (Roberts)’s character Nikki finally lets her guard down. I rarely finish a song in one night - if I do it's by some miracle, and ‘Stop Runnin' was one of those rarities."

“Stop Runnin” showcases Lokre’s expansive vocals and ability to strike emotions with her poignant songwriting. Watch the official music video below.