Meagan Hickman Explores the Meaning of "Together" in New Single



Meagan Hickman will captivate listeners with her message of empowerment, her positive outlook, and soulful pop-flavored vocals.

The classically trained artist, performer, and voice/piano instructor, who finds influence in artists like Sara Bareilles, Jill Scott, and Bonnie Raitt, released her debut album Sightlines in 2015, an enchanting collection comprising a variety of expressive pop-rock driven anthems. Following in a similar tone, Hickman’s brand new single “Together,” released on Friday, is effervescent, high energy and totally inspiring, and explores the meaning of its title and the ways that it’s interpreted by different people.

"‘Together’ for me is all encompassing song of what the actual definition of the word is,” Hickman says. “It can be interpreted differently by different people, and that is what I love about music and what makes it so special! We're all connected and yet have so many different ways of expressing ourselves and receiving. For me together was an introspective experience, despite the irony of the word. However, now it has become more of an anthem for me, and I hope will become one for others. I hope to share this song with as many listeners as possible, for they are the ones that will make this world a stronger place, ‘Together!’”

Listen to “Together” below and tune in to Musical Notes Global’s social networks for a special message from Meagan!

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