Bridesmen Wants You to Love Yourself with New Single "Somebody Who Loves Me"

Bridesmen Kenton Chen.jpg

Kenton Chen is a Los Angeles-based singer with a voice that is as soothing to the heart as it is to the soul.

You may know him from NBC’s The Sing Off or from his performances with Postmodern Jukebox and Scary Pockets, but Kenton Chen is now also Bridesmen, an indie neo-soul, R&B singer/songwriter who has over two million streams to his name on Spotify.

This project, to Chen, is an unmasking of sorts. Growing up as a second generation gay Asian American, he felt isolated at times, and Bridesmen is a way for him to unmask his insecurities, take chances, and bare his soul, unapologetically, to the world.

Chen’s lead single for Bridesmen titled “Someone Who Loves Me” discusses the loneliness people feel in life and in finding love. The single also touches on knowing that these feelings are valid, but they aren’t truly alone. Released on November 16, the video for “Somebody Who Loves Me” features people of all races, sexualities, and genders. The actors are bare from the shoulders up, a purposeful and impactful decision made by Chen and his team.

Chen believes that everyone is beautiful in their own skin. “In our nakedness, we can’t hide behind any brand, or gadget and we have to face how we feel in our own bodies,” he said. “When we come together at the end of the video, I want people to realize that we are on the this journey together.” This unity shows that Chen, on his journey to find love, is not alone.

Check out the video for “Somebody Who Loves Me” from Bridesmen below!

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