EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: The Simple Parade Shares Touching New Single "Going Through Something"

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The Simple Parade is our latest obsession.

Lead by singer, songwriter, and guitarist Justin Hooper, the Denver-based quintet is totally down to earth and brings listeners soul-warming music that sparks joy and encouragement while conveying beautiful honesty.

Today the band premieres their new single and music video “Going Through Something” with Musical Notes Global. The track is stunningly intimate, speaking to the vulnerabilities, fears, and hopes that lie in all of us.

"This song came out a very physically and emotionally exhausting part of my life,” Hooper revealed. “After years of struggling with severe heath issues, it all came to a head with one very impactful and jarring health scare that nearly took my life. After this unnerving wake up call, I decided that I was going to start being more honest with people about how I was actually doing. I began to have very real conversations with people (usually over coffee), and I found that when I was vulnerable about my struggles, others started opening up to me about their struggles as well. This song is a collection of some of the stories I heard in my journey (I changed the names, of course), and a realization that we are all going through something, and that there is no need for us to feel alone here. It has been my experience that peace comes in two phases. First, we need to be open about our struggle and let people into our story. Second, we need to be advocates for each other and help each other in our struggles. If anything, I pray this song gives people permission to he honest and hope in the community that surrounds them. A big ask, I know, but why not put something good out there and hope that it helps make life a little better!"

Watch “Going Through Something” below and stream the single now on Spotify.

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