Musician/Activist Kathleen Hanna Launches T-Shirt Line for West African Students

PHOTO CREDIT: Jason Frank Rothenberg

PHOTO CREDIT: Jason Frank Rothenberg

American singer, songwriter, and feminist activist Kathleen Hanna has made her mark on the music world as a member of bands like Bikini Kill and Le Tigre.

Now she’s setting her sights on making a difference in perhaps an even bigger way by creating a t-shirt line.

TEES 4 TOGO reflects Hanna’s feminist and DIY philosophies. 100% of the profits will go to Peace Sisters, a non-profit organization founded by Dapaong, Togo native Tina Kampor that works to provide assistance to students in Kampor’s hometown. Every $40 TEES 4 TOGO purchase will send one girl to school for a year.


Over the years, Hanna has consistently worked to address and facilitate conversations surrounding inclusivity, equal opportunity, sexism, and breaking societal expectations. “We're not gonna have equality in the world if we don't hear African women's voices,” she says. “And we're not gonna hear women's voices if they have no education. Another part of this is Trump saying Africa is a shithole. How can I respond to that as a citizen? How can I do something positive in light of that? I found an organization run by somebody who grew up in West Africa, who flies money back to the school every year, and has already been doing it for 15 years. This is my opportunity to be an ally to her already successful project.”

The shirts feature—and were designed by—Hanna and her friends: Patton Oswalt, Joan Jett, Grimes, and more. Get your own t-shirt now at