Chicago-Born Rapper Lando Chill Releases New Album Black Ego

Lando Chill-Black Ego

Lando Chill-Black Ego

If you’re looking to expand your music library beyond classic hip-hop, Lando Chill will help you do just that.

Born in Chicago, the Los Angeles-based rapper has carved out his own niche with a genre-bending style that fuses hip-hop with funk, gospel, jazz, indie rock, psychedelic, and folk.

After dropping his debut full-length For Mark, Your Son in 2016, an intimate self-examination inspired by the loss of his father, Lando joined forces with multi-instrumentalist and producer The Lasso for his second album The Boy Who Spoke to the Wind.

It’s 2018 and Lando has once again enlisted the help of The Lasso to create his latest jewel, Black Ego. The collection, which features the singles “Peso,” “Fauna,” and the R&B-flecked track “Dah Vapor,” further proves that Lando is a true master of his art.

"Black culture is popular culture; with versions of various racial caricatures and appropriated stereotypes within every facet of our entertainment,” he explains about the most recent single “Dah Vapor.” “There is a pure difference between reverence and obsession, and on ‘Dah Vapor’; produced by Lasso and featuring Swansuit, we delve deep into that paradigm. We as a consumer base have varying levels of societal awareness in regards to the appropriation of black, brown, & queer culture, and waver between accepting it as a causality of our progression toward representation and true equality or as an aspect of colorblind or supremacist ideology rearing itself through the whitewashing of our history and the degradation of civil rights. In ‘Dah Vapor’, the exploration beyond the surface level of appropriation searches for authenticity; or lack-thereof, and the commodification of what starts as cultural & regional distinction but morphs into either a commodifiable flashpoint or misconceptions built from ignorance. We, as a people, are an untapped potential; a spout controlled by gatekeepers who search for the flavor of the month, and by the shackles surrounding our own perception of self."

Black Ego is full of grit, honesty, higher awareness, and keen observations of the world we live in. Stream it now on digital music platforms.

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