Music That Formed Me: A Playlist by Madelline


With a background in theater, Montreal-based singer and songwriter Madelline is well on her way to winning over fans all around the world.

In fact, it is that theatrical background that really makes her stand out. Madelline has a knack for writing lyrics that are character-based, and the concept is evident in her latest single and video “Wish I Could See,” the first single to be released from her upcoming EP Marvelously Moody.

Today the Connecticut-born artist shares a playlist of songs that formed her exclusively with Musical Notes Global. Check out her thoughts below.

Me, as a young and influenceable child

Me, as a young and influenceable child

Ranging from Laura Nyro to Jennifer Lopez to CHIC these are the songs that my parents raised me on. Thank u mom and pops for showing me some bops! These songs have formed me as a musician and a human being. From soulful vocals to strings and rock n roll guitar solos, you can absolutely hear elements of these songs in my new single “Wish I Could See”. They’re the songs that I have not outgrown.

~*~Listen and dance around your room in beautiful nostalgia. (approx. 48 minutes)~*~

Also a good workout/walking playlist!

Highlights from the playlist:

“Midnight Train to Georgia” by Gladys Knight and The Pips

This is one of the first songs that really got me into the soul genre. The first drum fill and horn hook transports you into a dreamy world. And the back vocals! Wow! I would love to record my music on tape like this, it makes everything sound so warm. Shown to me by my dad!

“Le Freak” by Chic

This has to be one of my favourite disco songs ever. It lifts you up and makes you want to move! My dad used to play it for me on long car rides, carefully selecting albums and mix CDs from the pile of (mostly unprotected) CDs in his dashboard. It was fascinating to learn that this song was written because the band was turned down at the door of the legendary Studio 54, when someone forgot to put them on guest list. It was originally called “Fuck Off”. Hilarious.

“Always There” by Incognito

Her voice speaks for itself. It’s Jocelyn Brown. Such a passionate raspy powerhouse voice.

“Jenny From the Block” by J-Lo

This was a song on repeat on my mom’s mix CDs. Such a smooth and sultry track. That chorus hook is addictive.

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