Alexander Biggs' Aquatic Nightmare: "Whatever Helps You Sleep"

Alexander Biggs is a singer-songwriter from Melbourne, Australia.

An all-around creative guy, Biggs released his sophomore EP, Whatever Helps You Sleep, in August, and it features soothing slow jams while also treating listeners to upbeat harmonies on tracks that create a warm and comfortable ambiance one would hear in a coffee shop.

Four of the EP’s seven songs are on Biggs’ popular release list on Spotify, garnering almost 1.8 million streams in total.

Biggs’ latest music video for the EP’s title track quickly showcases his creativity. The video, which takes place at Biggs’ house, slowly transitions into a trippy-blue-hued-dream, which is a play on the drifting, almost transcendent tone of the song.

Director Michael Ridley took Biggs’ concept of wanting to be alone while being around people and turned it into something light and less serious. Sea monsters appear and blue hues are seen throughout, making Biggs’ house look like an ocean. He is ultimately attacked by the paper mache sea monsters, signaling an abrupt stop in the video.

Watch the oceanic video for “Whatever Helps You Sleep” below!