Emily Jackson: 4 Behind the Scenes Facts About My New Music Video "Oh Mother"

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It was just a few months ago that singer/songwriter Emily Jackson re-entered the music world after a 10-year hiatus.

During the past decade, she focused on acting and taking on role in movies like Incarnate and House of Cards. After recently locating to NYC, she got back into music and self-producing records and dropped her stellar single “Oh Mother” in September.

Jackson has now released the accompanying music video for the haunting song, and she’s giving Musical Notes Global readers an exclusive behind the scenes look at its making. Directed by her friend and collaborator Jamie Dack, the video gives Jackson the opportunity to put her acting talents on display while bringing the song’s concept to life in a visual format. Check out what she had to say below!

  • The video was shot in San Diego even though the stylist, director, DP, and I all live in other cities.

  • Sarah, the stylist, was my roommate right out of school - and we both graduated from the same acting program!

  • Jamie (the director) and I were spending breaks from shooting watching other music videos that inspire us and she showed me the video for Lorde's "Green Light." There is this part where Lorde dances so hard in a public bathroom while Jack Antonoff is playing keys next to her.  We both agreed it would be really cool to do something like that, but not necessarily for OH MOTHER, especially since it's not an uptempo song one would dance to like that. But on set that night we decided to try some improvised dancing in that same style and see if it could work, just to try something different. After the first take we both agreed it was working. I never, ever intended to have dancing in the video, but I think it added something really special, and it unexpectedly became one of the dynamic cornerstones of our video.

  • One of our last shots was where the sun is setting in the parking lot with cop car in the background. When we pulled up to shoot there, the lot was totally empty, except for this cop right in the middle of the lot. It was that moment of, "Wow. Is this how it ends? Will we be able to get this last shot?" We decided to just go for it and hope he didn't hassle us. When he finally took notice of us, all he did was take out his phone to take pictures of us shooting the video and asked if we wanted him to move so he wouldn't be in the shot! He couldn't have been nicer. And we ended up keeping him in the shot because it looked really cool. It was really amazing. We didn't get bothered once while we were shooting in all these different public places. People only expressed curiosity or offered to help in some way. In New York that just would never happen.  

Watch “Oh Mother” below.

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