Jane's Party Shares 6 Songs That Inspired Their New Song "Wait For You"

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A party ain’t a party unless it’s Jane’s Party.

Founded in 2008, Jane’s Party is a four piece pop-rock band from Toronto, Canada. The quartet is known for their harmonies, laid back anthems, and upbeat riffs.

Jane’s Party’s anticipated fourth album, Casual Island, is due for release in February 2019. The band has spent the better part of 2018 releasing danceable singles from the collection, each in conjunction with b-sides from different collaborators.

The album’s high energy lead single, “You Are The Light,” is nothing short of fast guitars, fun harmonies, and a memorable chorus and has been heard on Indie88 (Toronto), Apple Music’s “Best Of The Week” playlist, and Spotify’s “New Music Friday”.

Today, Jane’s Party has put together a playlist of songs that inspired their latest single off of Casual Island titled “Wait For You.” Hear the synthy-pop and rock hits, along with a breakdown from the band themselves, below!

“Everybody Wants To Rule The World” - Tears For Fears

I’d wanted to write a song with this drum beat for a while, so as soon as “Wait For You” started to form, I instantly knew where the inspiration was coming from. The 12/8 time signature makes playing guitar over the drum beat a real rhythmic rollercoaster. I spent many hours just jamming out solo ideas before settling on the final takes, it was just so much fun to play over.

“Hold Me” - Tom Odell

I love the way Odell is able to put the things that are difficult to say in real life into his songs, and deliver them with such raw honesty. When I first wrote the opening line to “Wait For You,” it felt very heavy - like it had a real power over me. Then, having to sing it over and over in front of other people, I began to own it and come to terms with the feeling it gave me. I think that there’s a real power that comes with being able to do that.

“Nightcall” - Kavinsky

I spent many months listening to nothing but Retrowave at one point. I got into synths and drum machines and all I wanted to so was write instrumentals and run them through VHS tapes to get them sounding fuzzy and wobbly. Kavinsky’s “Nightcall” to me epitomizes that sound. There really is very little to this song, and I think what really blew my mind was realizing what a huge part “vibe” plays in recordings. This song is 100% vibe.

“Saturday Night” - Yukon Blonde

I’m pretty sure I didn’t like this song when I first heard it. And then I saw the video for it and it all suddenly made sense. The production on this recording is absolutely fantastic - a perfect blend of analog and digital instrumentation. We used Yukon Blonde recordings as mix references for a bunch of tunes from the new album. We made sure to let them know.

“Radian” - Air

Really, any tune from 10,000 Hz Legend could take this spot. To me, Air is like a goldmine of inspiration. With production and songwriting choices that feel like they could go anywhere, Air reminds me that anything is possible and that anything can be cool if you arrange and orchestrate it well. Sure, maybe when it comes to French electro bands, Daft Punk might have the hooks, but the records I come back to again and again are Air records.

“Leather Jacket” - Arkells

It’s tough being a Canadian indie rock band, let alone a Toronto-based one, and not quote Arkells as a huge source of inspiration. Having had the opportunity to open for them several times, there is absolutely no way that the spectacle they deliver on stage doesn’t rub off on you. I’ve always dreamed of writing something that could harness the energy of “Leather Jacket” live, and although it’s likely I’ll never quite get there, there is still something very inspiring in trying to write from that place.

Listen to “Wait For You” from Jane’s Party below.

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