Matty Carlock: 5 Behind the Scenes Facts About the Making of "I'm Still In Love With You" with Albee Al

Although Matty Carlock was once the frontman for the hardcore band Shai Hulud, he’s spent time exploring a variety of genres over the years.

Through it all, and perhaps even surprisingly, he’s maintained a significant presence in the hip-hop scene, and has written and produced for some its most promising up-and-comers, including Bulletproof Bev and Albee Al.

In fact, the Jersey-born singer and songwriter recently released a brand new track with Albee Al titled “I’m Still In Love With You.” Bringing together Jersey City’s hip-hop with the punk and hardcore of the Shore, the song shatters genres while exploring the trials and tribulations of love and self-redemption.

Carlock shared some behind the scenes facts about the making of his new single and music video “I’m Still In Love With You” with Musical Notes Global. Check ‘em out below!

Most of the video was filmed BEFORE the song was even done. Albee's schedule is filling up quickly, doing shows with Cardi B, touring with Kodak Black and Fetty Wap, so I knew we had to get this done ASAP. The trick was to film the video to the DEMO of the song, and afterwards build around it, once the song is done. Once the song is done, we will move backwards and piece the rest in like a puzzle, which is horribly unprofessional, but a fun challenge for me to direct this little film against. 

I write, direct, and edit all the music videos - and I have no prior experience. I have LITERALLY no idea what I am doing, but I am a lunatic and need to be hands on. My best friend Rob Sellig (@robsellig) shoots them. In the past year, we’ve done so many videos, but he hasn’t actually physically OWNED a video camera….at all. Once ever. So for this, very last minute, we begged and begged our friend Morgan to let us use her NIKON D750 for one night, and she let us, thank god.

Matty Carlock Albee Al.png

The intro of the song is a completely real-life conversation accidentally picked up by the mic - a real girl speaking to Albee and he's curving her because he’s in the booth about to record, and that's kinda what the song is about. Funny enough, that entire exchange with him and the girl is 100 percent real and you are hearing it in real time. He was about to record and Lilz (engineer) left the mic recording. A girl Face Timed him and started arguing with him over giving her attention and what not, and he was literally standing in front of the microphone and it picked the whole entire conversation up on accident. He got out of the booth, and we slid it over to the intro and we all started jumping laughing with excitement. So it felt right that half of this was shot in a studio to live that out, it kind of became the spirit and subject of the song, as if she was the one that he is still in love with. 

We filmed the club part of the video in a real club, completely by chance - As time went on, something was missing with the video. We had two scenes, the studio and the white wall studio, but It was missing love, that nightlife atmosphere, and the woman's perspective. A few nights later, Bulletproof Belv, myself, and Rob were at a night club doing a walk through for the debut of our song F Being Friends, and it was insane. Lights, girls dancing, about 500 people stuffed in this place going bananas. Rob magically had a camera….and it dawned on me. THIS IS THE MISSING PIECE OF IM STILL IN LOVE WITH YOU! So in our typical fashion - last minute…..we got the missing piece and I tossed it in the video and it opened up. 

There was a serious misstep during the filming of the video - There was a really beautiful, funny moment we had shooting this. Albee Al is a street rapper, a hardcore poet who reports live from the projects and the streets with a very rough, legendary background. Rob and I are the complete opposite, tied together by the love of music. So it was an interesting juxtaposition in real life as we shot, finding common ground. We were shooting B-Roll in the hallway of the studio, with Albee rapping and me standing next to him. Rob had to film, walking backwards. We hit a right turn, and boom, we all walked into a vending machine and we all just broke out dying laughing. We still laugh about that to this day.

Watch “I’m Still In Love With You” below.

Matty Carlock is currently preparing to release his Springsteen-influence first LP The Jailbirds in early 2019.

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