Rändi Fay Wants You to Celebrate Christmas with Her New Song "Joy Whispered"

The holiday season is upon us, which means gifts are being bought, Starbucks has their latest festive drinks, and it’s finally acceptable to listen to Christmas music on a daily basis without being judged (entirely).

Rändi Fay, a Wisconsin artist known for her intimate songwriting, has released a Christmas song for holiday music lovers to listen to with their loved ones or by themselves while cuddled up in a blanket, drinking hot chocolate on a snowy day.

During a songwriting challenge in October, Fay was given the task of coming up with a Christmas song from five words in a list of ten. “Silent” and “Light” were two that inspired her from the moment she saw them side by side. From there, Fay came up with “Joy Whispered.”

“Joy Whispered” is a retelling of the Nativity story. While writing, Fay imagined the scene: poor shepherds, rich kings, and angels watching over a manger with newborn Jesus wrapped in his parents’ loving arms.

As she continued to write, Fay thought of the “joy that crossed cultural, socioeconomic and ‘earthly’ boundaries” caused by this scene, she said. “So, I wove into this vision both a reminder and an inspiration, a humanitarian message that in our quiet times and in our celebrations of life, at OUR core, we really are one in this world.”

Watch the lyric video for “Joy Whispered” below!

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