"If you really want to achieve something, it will come”: Sardinian Artist/Producer ThBenj Talks New Single "Waiting for You" + Upcoming Album


Artist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist ThBenj—aka Benjamin Di Ubaldo—is a new artist we’re keeping an eye on.

Born on the tiny Italian island of Sardinia, Benj grew up listening to jazz and watching his father, a drummer, play with his band.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Benj began his own musical career as a drummer, performing with different bands across a variety of genres, from rock to metal to soul to pop. “I don't even remember when I started playing drums,” he recalled. “I used to spend hours just listening to jazz tapes, trying to figure out what all the instruments were doing.”

Now he’s building a solo career, but considering his native island is so small, it is not easy for an aspiring artist to grow and make the connections needed to do so. “I love Sardinia and every time I leave this place I know I'm gonna miss it, but there’s definitely not that many opportunities compared to walking on the street around LA,” he told Musical Notes Global. “The biggest challenge is connecting with other producers and musicians in the same game that I am, through the internet.”

In order to develop his artistry, in 2012, Benj moved to Australia, where he spent his days as an acoustic artist and nights bouncing around Melbourne’s pubs and clubs as a drummer. “I'm in love with Australia and the Aussie culture because it’s so real and people are so real. That experience taught me a lot,” he revealed. “I'm telling you Melbourne gave me a real push to become ThBenj. It’s where people really started to appreciate my music from playing in pubs to the streets.”

In 2016 he landed in Ibiza, where he not only learned about music production and how to form relationships with other industry professionals, but also concentrated on creating electronic deep house music as part of the duo Overclick. “Ibiza has been a turning point in my career from the prospective of becoming a producer,” he acknowledged. “That is where I got to meet a great deal of DJs and producers and see them interact with each other in a really competitive but healthy way, and trust me, experiencing that first hand pushes you a lot.”

ThBenj - Waiting for you cover art.jpg

Benj is now working on new music and recently released the single “Waiting for You.” Produced by Drago, the track has a luscious electro beat and catchy chorus that is open to interpretation. “Waiting for You has a simple concept,” he explained. “When I wrote the song, I had one question that I was obsessed with. How long does it take to achieve what you truly want? I think the answer came along the process of writing it. Putting my emotions and thoughts onto paper. Some people have told me they relate to the song when they think about someone that has just come into their life and finally feeling like it is the right one. The message is pretty much be patient, if you really want to achieve something, it will come.”

The track will be featured on his upcoming album Spectral Entertainment, which promises to include a sampling of the observations he’s made during his journey through life so far. “I'm an obsessed student of life, people and music. Sometimes it just comes easy and natural for me to look at my surroundings and be like, ‘Yes, I got this!’. I picture it and have it in the form of a song after one or two days, but sometimes it feels like I have to get to dark places with my mind before to express light, talk to you my way out of it, so that you can embrace it and hopefully it helps you find your way out too.” he said. “I feel like Spectral Entertainment is a chapter of the book of my life. All I’m doing is trying to motivate people throughout my story and my own personal experience. ‘Waiting For You’ is the reminder, ‘Be Patient’ track of the album." 

As 2018 comes to an end, Benj has his eye on continuing to learn and achieve his dreams. “Grow, grow and grow,” he said about his goals for the rest of the year. “Becoming louder, step by step, period. I feel good right now. I'm dropping my next single soon and after that, my album Spectral Entertainment will be out.”

Listen to “Waiting for You” below.

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