Ari B Talks New Single "Just Get Me"

Up-and-coming starlet Ari B made a splash last year with her infectious and uplifting track "Dance Into The Party". To follow up her 2017 success, the dancing singer and songwriter is taking a big leap into the new year with a new project and a new single.

As opposed to the lighthearted bop of "Dance Into The Party," Ari B's latest "Just Get Me" is a little bit heavier in content but still maintains a super contagious beat and showcases her signature R&B-flavored vocals. "Truthfully, I intentionally took it in a different direction than 'Dance into the Party'," Ari explained to Musical Notes Global. "'Dance into the Party' is very upbeat and uplifting- I wanted to show what else I was capable of writing. 'Just Get Me' is more emotional and vulnerable, but it’s still a party song with a strong beat. I always try to keep the vibes strong and danceable. :)"

The single is also the first in a trio of songs Ari will release surrounding the theme of betrayal. "'Just Get Me' captures the singer's initial reaction to being betrayed in a relationship...In this song, all of the emotions are pouring out- It is very vulnerable," she said. "I think my message through this song is that if you've ever been hurt or felt betrayed in a relationship, it is okay to go through the vulnerable stage before getting to a stronger, wiser place. It's all about the process, and that's what this trio of songs is about."

The accompanying music video is absolutely packed with fabulous dancing, of course. To help her bring her vision to life, Ari once again teamed up with award-winning choreographer Chuck Maldonado, who is currently working with the Backstreet Boys on their Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood. "Oh my gosh! I love him," she said about Maldonado. "Don't get me started. He is truly a beautiful person and he is so amazing at what he does. So humble, hardworking, and always extremely helpful to me and the dancers during the rehearsal process and on set. The most important thing I learned from him is that Choreography looks and feels so much better when you do it away from the mirror, lol. This is very true."

Seriously, though, Ari's dance moves are so mesmerizing you'll want to watch the video over and over again. Check out "Just Get Me" below and be sure to keep an eye on this Boston-born superstar in the making as she continues to release new music.

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