Get to Know Me: Bond Villain

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The best thing about Bond Villain is that they don't fit into any one genre.

Based in New Haven, CT, the group is fronted by film and video game score composer Robert Roche, who is also a former lead vocalist in the Boston hardcore scene. Churning out a hypnotizing blend of movie score instrumentals and alternative pop, the group is now participating in New Haven's rich music scene while growing their fan base.

As they prepare to release new music, get to know Bond Villain and Robert Roche a little better in this questionnaire-style interview with Musical Notes Global. Check it out below!

Here's the scoop on our latest single "Let Me Go": Our latest single is called "Let Me Go" - This song is a genre-bending story about returning home to find a person you once loved, and realizing that you have changed while the other person has not. Often we remember the good times without realizing how deep that change goes, and this song perfectly embodies that moment of clarity that you can no longer be together. Emotions like sadness and melancholy are natural, yet they are often followed by a victorious inner clarity as you set off on the next stage of your life. "Let Me Go" chronicles that journey of internal transformation.

My music has been most influenced by: I am a HUGE movie buff. Ever since I was a kid, I remember hearing the epic music that narrated the adventures of my favorite heroes in my head. As a musician, I wanted to create those raw emotions, often through huge orchestral movement, while pushing the listener to experience something new and fresh each time. Vocally, I am obsessed with the great performers. Idols like Freddy Mercury, David Bowie, and Kurt Cobain bared their souls in their performances and left everything on the stage. I want to inspire others through my performances in the same way, and flip constructs like genre on it's head while delivering a show that the audience will never forget.

I find my greatest inspiration in: Life experience is a huge one here. Like everyone, I have experienced great love and great loss, but I have worked hard in my life to channel those emotions and experiences into relatable and challenging music. I also always take the time to listen to any new song I can and learn SOMETHING, anything from that musician. Sure, there are some genres I prefer over others, but every song has some element that can teach me how to be better in some way. Take country music for example - I was never much of a fan until I realized how masterful some of those artists are at storytelling. I always have something to learn.

After listening to my music, I hope listeners will walk away having learned something new about themselves. A lot of my music incorporates familiar sounds - orchestral music, bluesy vocals, alternative/hip-hop beats - and makes something fresh and unique. In the same way, I want to inspire others to transform and combine the monotonous elements of their life to make something extraordinary. If my music can help somebody reach a deep emotion they haven't tapped into yet, something that changes their life, then I consider my work a success.

An artist or album that has helped shape who I am today is: One album that changed the way I look at music was Absolution by the band Muse. When you listen to that album, it sounds like an incredible 7 piece band going all out in every song, and I was so surprised to learn it was just three normal dudes in England writing outstanding songs. It made me realize how creative you can be to craft your vision, and that there are no rules in music. Rage Against the Machine's Battle of Los Angeles did something similar - I remember hearing Guerilla Radio's raw power and having chills up and down my body. I'm like a junkie, I am in constant search of those chills when I listen to and write music. 

In 2018, I hope to do SO much! We have a full album written and being cleaned up for a release. We are about to release a new single and video, "BlackGuard," which is going to absolutely blow the socks off our fans - it is very sexy, fun, and badass. I can't mention the release date yet, so follow us closely for updates. We are prepping to get on stage and start performing in 2018 as well - keep the look out for shows in your area. All I can say about that is that our live performance is beautiful. Other than that, it is business as usual - constantly grow, write new music all the time, make connections along the way, and try to make the world a better place. I encourage anyone reading this to reach out via DM on Bond Villain's social media, I am super active and would love to talk.

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