Chilean-Born Songstress Catalina Talks New Single "Think You'd Fool Me" (WHM Interview Series)


Singer-songwriter Catalina just landed on Musical Notes Global's radar and she is the perfect woman to help us continue our Women's History Month celebration.

An inspiring up-and-coming voice in the music industry, the Chilean-born artist is fresh off the release of her new single "Think You'd Fool Me," a fierce, soulful Latin-flavored pop song inspired by the catfishing relationship of one of her friends. "I wrote 'Think You'd Fool Me' with my band members, Jon, Evan, and Justin. When we initially started working on the song, it was sonically more of a straight forward pop/rock tune with a funky feel," she told Musical Notes Global. "While we kept certain bones of those earlier writing sessions, the song is far from what might've initially inspired it."

Drawing on a wide variety of musical influences, she creates her own fingerprint with a sparkling blend of sounds and textures that are uniquely Catalina, and it's evident on her latest track. "You'd honestly be surprised as to how I connect the sounds, songs, and artists I am inspired by to the music I am writing," she said. "Now that I listen back to the full product, I can hear certain inspiration that might've stemmed from Paramore's first two singles off of 'After Laughter', HAIM's 'Forever' tune, or even 'Flow With It (You Got Me Feeling Like)' by St. Paul & The Broken Bones. Of course there was a heavy influence of Latin music and sounds from my upbringing, too, but I still can't find the exact reference. They're all rhythm examples I replayed from memory. It's like muscle memory, I don't know exactly the source but once I hear it, it all comes back at once. For more tracks that inspired the song, you'll have to take a listen to my TYFM Time playlist on Spotify, coming soon on Musical Notes Global."

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Some of the best songs are those that both make you feel good and hold an important message, and Catalina absolutely nails it on "Think You'd Fool Me." "This song is meant to make you move, feel good and free yourself from all inhibitions," she said. Celebrate who you are and your life!" At the same time, keeping in tune with her audience and with herself, she is helping to empower girls everywhere by sharing her inner strength with her listeners through the vibrant yet hard-hitting track.

In fact, a closer listen to the lyrics reveals a profound significance, one that reminds us to stand our ground. "Now to a much deeper meaning of the song and the sentiment, or rather motto I'd like listeners to take away: Don't take anyone's BS," she continued. "Don't ever let anyone put you down. Don't let them get the best, the worst or anything from you, really, because they DO NOT DESERVE IT...Typically, when you get, you know, stabbed in the back, fooled, betrayed, messed with, etc., etc., you have the natural reflex to wanna know more or fight back. More often than not, you'll fight back through argument or you'll take the time to decipher why, but you are wasting your words and time into someone that does not care about you. And that's fine because you shouldn't surround yourself with people that don't support and love you deeply and meaningfully. I wrote this song for that purpose. It is an anthem for people to brush away the desperado from their lives and not give into their mind games. You want to hold your head high and just keep living your life because doing otherwise will grant them the satisfaction and validation that they were able to get under your skin. AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT! Am I right!?

"So, my beautiful people out in the world, if you can relate to this situation in anyway, I invite you to open all windows, crank up the song, sing at the top of your lungs while you shimmy around for 3 minutes and 30 seconds. This is for you!"

Partnering with MindPro Films, Catalina brought her vision to life through a lyric video featuring colorful and dynamic animation. Watch below.

"Whenever I sing this song, I feel like I am in charge. In charge of myself as a woman, as an artist, and most importantly as a person," she revealed. "The playfulness in 'Think You'd Fool Me' hints that I am a laid back girl but that I also have bite. Listen, I'm only 24 years old (going on 25 years young), so I still have another three quarters of life to learn. But so far, I am finally confident in my own body and mind. I am confident to speak my mind and I am resilient to withstand anything that storms my way. I am a grown woman. I am a Latina woman. I am a sassy woman. I am a vulnerable woman. I am a 'don't mess with me' woman. I am a welcoming woman. And I do need a man, and a sister, and a brother and a pet and a friends, and whoever wants to stand by my side in celebration of life. That is what I hope this song sings to you about me."

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