Get to Know Me: Lea Love (WHM Interview Series)

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Singer-songwriter Lea Love is soulful, sultry, and totally fascinating.

Drawing on her Hawaiian, Japanese, and Samoan heritage, Love blends reggae and R&B into a dreamy elixir that has the power to heal all kinds of emotional wounds.

The Oceanside, CA native is currently preparing to release her debut EP Doctor and recently dropped the delicious title track, a hypnotic and laid back jam produced by Edimah Production and Lui Kriamau of the Grammy-nominated Common Kings.

As part of Musical Notes Global's Women's History Month celebration, get to know Lea Love a little better in this questionnaire-style interview.

Here's the scoop on my latest single "Doctor": “Doctor” is a metaphor for love. It was written by a good friend of mine, Analea Brown. When I first heard “Doctor”, I felt an instant connection to the message behind the lyrics, particularly how love is shared between two people. One of my favorite lines from the record is “come get a hit of some love and pass it on”, which speaks to the infectious nature of love. To me, life’s all about forging connections with others and exchanging good energy and vibes. I think it’s important as a female artist to allow ourselves to be sexy and unapologetic while still sending a positive message, which this record captures perfectly. I find my greatest inspiration in life, both the ups and downs. I’ve gone through many trials and triumphs thus far, especially as a woman growing up in a male-dominated world. These experiences have only made me stronger as an artist and a woman.

A female artist who has influenced my work/sound is Rihanna. She’s an island girl, and it obviously permeates throughout her records. Similar to her, my Hawaiian heritage has shaped the sound of my work. She always seizes the moment, and she’s exactly the same person both on and off the stage. I truly respect that about her because that’s something I strive to be. Rihanna also does so much outside of the music world, which is very inspiring. She’s using her gifts to make this world a better place, and I hope to do the same.

My favorite song by a female artist is “Ex Factor” by Lauryn Hill. This song is so powerful. I remember being a young girl and hearing this song for the first time. Although I was too young to comprehend the message at the time, I could still connect with the feelings and raw emotion she imparted to the song. As I got older, I fell in love with the song even more because I could finally understand those lyrics and feelings in her voice. To me, this song represents a woman experiencing the crazy ups and downs of love, which ALL of us will be able to relate to at some point!

This is what Women's History Month means to me: Women’s History Month represents a time of recognition. It celebrates the great contributions that women have made to our nation and the world at large. I’m so proud to be a woman, and I admire the bravery of the many women before me that have fought for our freedom. It’s a unique bond that women share, and we need to continue to fight for women’s rights across the globe.

Here's my advice to aspiring female music artists: My advice to aspiring female artists is to trust yourself and never give up. As cliché as it may sound, that truly is the formula. I’ve been in so many situations as an artist where I’ve allowed people to influence my decisions. I never trusted my intuition as much as I should have, and I fully realize that now. There will always be people who want to tear you down or who will try to convince you that you cannot do it, but if you believe in your dreams, you’ll get there one day.

As a woman in the music industry, I feel that it is important to express yourself. It’s hard for women to succeed in this world, let alone this industry. The music industry is extremely tough to navigate, but you should never be afraid to speak your truth. It’s important to surround yourself with trustworthy people who love you and want to see you succeed, especially if they are responsible for putting your visions into action. Be tough, be fearless and be an inspiration for the next generation of women!

Stay tuned for Lea Love's new EP and tour dates, and for all of her latest news and updates, follow her on social media:

Facebook: @lealovebooking

Instagram: @lealovemusic