Get to Know Me: Natalie Shay [WHM Interview Series]

feeling 1 Natalie Shay.jpeg

North London-based Natalie Shay is one of those artists who really make you stop and listen to what they have to say.

The award-winning musician and singer, who just released the music video for her energetic and infectious rock-infused single "This Feeling," is a graduate of the BRIT school (which boasts internationally renown alumni like Adele and Jessie J) and has sold out some of London's most prestigious venues.

As part of Musical Notes Global's Women's History Month celebration, get to know Natalie Shay a little better in her questionnaire-style interview below.


1. Here's the scoop on my new single "This Feeling": It's a cool quirky upbeat indie pop rock tune about a fresh relationship. 


2. I find my greatest inspiration in people and emotions.

3. One female artist who has influenced my work/sound is Haim (3 females ) because they are each so musically talented and their sound is so unique.

4. The first album I bought was Miley Cyrus ‘Breakout' because Hannah Montana is life!

5. My favorite song or album by a female artist is ‘Nicest Thing' by Kate Nash, because it's the most relatable pretty song I've ever heard.

6. When I'm not singing you can find me on my phone or with cats.

7. As a woman in the music industry, I feel it's important to represent the woman of indie rock and not change style for anyone.

8. Here's my advice to aspiring young female singers and songwriters: Choose what you want to do and stick at it. Even if people reject or try to change you, if you are passionate, be yourself.


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Instagram: @natalieshaymusic

Twitter: @NatalieShay_