Indie Pop Sensation Shelita Talks New Single "Hola" + SXSW 2018


Indie pop sensation Shelita is one of those special artists that don't come around too often.

The former Microsoft engineer is gaining recognition as a pioneer in blockchain technology for harnessing its power and applying it to the music industry. She even helped teach her fans how to use Bitcoin to buy her 2017 EP Special.

Shelita is now fresh off the release of her infectious new single "Hola," a sensual and hypnotic track featuring an entrancing blend of trap, R&B, electro pop and Brazilian baile funk.

Inspired by the importance of moments and the powerful language of dance, "Hola" is the first song she has released in 2018. "You can dream about moments and you can be in the moment at the same time as you are dreaming about it. Love transfers as each moment passes. It is also about creating new moments through movement and falling in love with each new movement," she said. "With this song I was in a place where I was doing nuevo tango with someone. I channel the feelings of wanting to be with the other person in that moment. But at any moment the song could end. The love that was felt between us goes with them as they dance with the next partner. When you dance nuevo tango there is physical closeness with your partner, but there is also psychological closeness. It goes beyond any movement and starts translating into the wide array of the emotion."

Shelita is also making her SXSW debut this year with both a Keynote session and official showcase. "I am excited to showcase new songs that my fans haven't heard yet," she said. "I have wanted to play SXSW for quite some time, I feel honored I got in this year. I'm super excited about going to perform and connecting with more and more people. For me everything is about connecting. I love being on stage because I feel like I'm connecting with my fans at a deeper level and I'm being appreciated. I'm being respected. I use the stage as therapy because I didn't have that growing up. I didn't grow up with my mother so when I perform I really do care about the fans because they're like my family."

After her Keynote session at SXSW, where she'll talk Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, and Music, Shelita will perform her official SXSW showcase at The Iron Bear on Saturday, March 17.

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