Simon XO Talks New Single "There's A Way Out"

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22-year-old singer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Simon XO has released a brand new single today, and it's the perfect pop hit to take you into the weekend.

Driven by brilliant drums and synths and Simon's sweeping vocals, "There's A Way Out" focuses on the power of connection and the strength that comes in recognizing our fears. "I was going through a band and relationship break up at the time I wrote this single, and I was forced to ask myself why I would consistently put myself in situations that were unhealthy for me, emotionally," he told Musical Notes Global. "My previous single 'How Do I Fight It' embodies my exploration of that question, but I think 'There’s A Way Out' is my attempt to resolve it. It’s all about embracing your doubts and holding onto the people you care about through the ups and downs."

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"There's A Way Out" follows Simon XO's double single debut "How Do I Fight It" and "Waiting For Me To Break," which were released in January. The track complements its predecessors by continuing the story they started. "I really think these three songs go hand in hand with each other," he said. "Like I mentioned, I think 'There’s a way out/hold me tighter/we are in doubt/scream it louder' is literally my answer to the question, 'How do I fight it/the sense I’m no good/why am I lying/I’m not misunderstood.' It’s so easy to feel alone, especially when every technological development out there is trying to help us isolate ourselves. And I think part of the antidote to that is to embrace our fear within each other: the more we ask for a helping hand the more connection and love we’ll feel."

Together the three tracks give listeners an excellent preview of Simon XO's upcoming EP, and the third installment lends some emotional support to those who could use a little light. "Mostly, hope," he said about what he hopes listeners take away from the song. "I think ultimately that’s what this song is about. That everyone is flawed, but that’s actually the side of ourselves we should embrace. And the more we can do that, the happier and more hopeful our lives will be."

Simon XO's upcoming EP is due for release this year. Listen to "There's A Way Out" below.

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