Knox Hamilton Talks New Single "Trade My Trips"

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Little Rock band Knox Hamilton is reviving the sound of the 80s with a brand new exciting twist.

Started by brothers Boots and Cobo Copeland alongside their longtime friend and guitarist Drew Buffington, the trio draws on their roots in the church and infuses their music with a heavy dose of dynamic energy and dreamy lyrics.

Having released their debut album The Heights in 2017, Knox Hamilton has now returned with an utterly catchy new single titled "Trade My Trips," a dedication to the people who helped them get to where they are today. "It's tough traveling apart from your family as a band," Boots explained to Musical Notes Global. "But there's also a feeling of gratitude to the people who make the dream work, the fans and the support back home. So we wanted to write a song about something we've all experienced first hand these past few years."

Like so many great songs, "Trade My Trips" is open to interpretation, but the band hopes it makes a lasting impression on their fans as an everlasting display of appreciation for their love. "I think the mark of a good song is when it's multifaceted enough to speak to different people in different ways," Boots said, "but we'd love it if the day one fans considered it to be a thank you for keeping us going all these years."

Knox Hamilton is also currently preparing to share more new songs soon, which will lead to the release of an EP this summer. "We hope our long time fans and newcomers alike hear a fresh direction coming from combining all of our favorite genres and meshing them in a way that fits and compliments our new songs in the best way possible," he said. "Not really writing for a certain genre but just trying to write the best songs we can."

Check out Knox Hamilton for yourself and listen to "Trade My Trips" below.

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