The Turbans to Release Debut Album April 6

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Multicultural band The Turbans knows how to delight audiences all over the world.

In addition to its founding members guitarist Oshan Mahony and violinist Darius Luke Thompson, the band comprises five other musicians with roots across Europe and the Middle East: vocalist/guitarist Miroslav Morski, a former Bulgarian pop star who previously fronted the band, Django Ze; Greek folk music expert and vocalist Pavlos Mavromatakis; cajon player and classical guitarist Pablo Dominguez; Israeli guitarist Moshe Zehavi, whose parents are from Turkey and Tunisia; and Belarus-born oud player Maxim Shchedrovitzki.

Often joined by fantastic musicians aside from its core members, The Turbans combat—no, shatter—political and culture borders with their unique blend of genres that features a variety of instruments like the davul, a double headed drum, and the guembri, a Moroccan bass lute.

Following the remarkable success of countless live shows around the world, the eclectic seven-piece is now gearing up to release their self-titled debut album, which is out this Friday, April 6. “For this album we all went together to the farmhouse where I grew up in Northumberland,” Mahony said. “We all contributed about thirty songs. Some were traditional sounding, others were poppy. When you have a classical violinist playing an Indian raga you create something really weird and new.”

Organic is the perfect word to describe the full-length. Covering themes like familial bonds, love, and joy, the collection is a collaboration of friends that promotes unity, appealing to a global audience with diverse and lush sonic landscapes and soul-igniting energy.

“We try to be politically neutral because we have people from all these different countries," they said. "The only message we try to put across is that we believe in one world, one people. We want to play for everybody. We want to show that it’s okay to be who you are. We believe in a world without borders, and it seems to be ringing true with people.”

Look out for The Turbans' debut album this Friday and watch the music video for their single "Riders" below.

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