Bond Villain Talks Insightful New Single "What's Wrong With Me"

If you're looking for something a little bit different to listen to, cinematic pop group Bond Villain is your answer.

Based in New Haven, CT, the group is fronted by film and video game score composer Robert Roche, a former lead vocalist in the Boston hardcore scene. Blending movie score instrumentals and alternative rhythms, the group focuses on creating a dramatic sound with a pop edge.

Today Bond Villain releases their fifth single "What's Wrong With Me," and on this one they delve deep into the workings of the peculiar animal that is social media and how we compare our lives to what we see our friends posting.

"I wrote this song in response to a phenomenon we always see/experience in summer - watching your distant friends and acquaintances put on the impression that they are constantly happy, successful, and living life to the fullest over social media, when the reality behind these masks is often much darker," frontman Robert Roche explained to Musical Notes Global. "This song digs into a very relate-able feeling of asking 'What's wrong with me?' when it seems like everyone else is excelling while you feel stuck in a rut, yet it has a strong positive tone - as you realize that all people experience pain, and wear masks and filters to portray perfection, you may find a strong sensation of hope for yourself."

Through powerful insight, a driving beat, and a wonderfully symphonic melody, "What's Wrong With Me" will no doubt bring listeners a little relief from the pressure to live their lives like the ones they see others creating online.

"I want this song to be an anthem of hope for people who are struggling through this process," Roche added, "and to give them a very important revelation - though they feel alone, they are one of millions who are going through the same hurt, and this community can be the friends and family who they were always looking for."

Listen to "What's Wrong With Me" below.


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