Breaky Boxes Reveal 3 Artists Who Have Influenced Their Indie Folk Sound

PHOTO CREDIT: Lefort Edouard

PHOTO CREDIT: Lefort Edouard

French indie folk band Breaky Boxes is the latest band you need to keep on your radar.

Coming together in 2014, the trio--Jean François Moortgat, Brice Sibille, and Valentin Queval--finally released their first EP From the Shelter earlier this year. The six-track collection, which they recorded themselves in their home studio, marks a change in their style and sees them drawing on inspiration from American and Irish folk culture while taking on a more optimistic approach.

Today the 2018 Sziget Festival winners reveal three artists who have influenced their lush indie folk sound. Check them out below.

Mumford and Sons

Mumford and Sons is really the main influence on our EP From the Shelter. We have been listening to this band for a while now and the way their music is constructed always amazed us. Indeed even with the very few instrumentation they used, especially on their first album, they manage to create a real dynamic in every track they write. 

Even the way we used our percussions, such as the drum kick and the tambourine, was inspired by them. Just like us they didn't have a drum on stage at their first concerts, only a few parts of the drum played by every member of the band. 



Needtobreathe is a band from North Carolina (US), maybe less known than Mumford and Sons, but they remain one of the most incredible bands we know and a great inspiration for our music. This band is our reference in term of vocal harmonization. For a long time now, we always wanted to use vocal harmonization as a strength in Breaky Boxes, and Needtobreathe gave us the keys to open this door. 


John Mayer

John Mayer has the incredible talent of making modern and pop music on the base of old blues. With Breaky Boxes we wanted to play folk music, but it is pointless to do something that is already made. So we wanted to add some modernity to folk music, with vocal melodies a little bit more pop than usual for example. This touch of modernity added to folk music directly comes from John Mayer's ability to write pop songs with blues material.


Check out a taste of Breaky Boxes below and listen to From the Shelter now on digital music platforms.

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