Lyra Star Pairs Music + Yoga in New Video "Paper Moon" [INTERVIEW]

PHOTO CREDIT: Olivia Browning

PHOTO CREDIT: Olivia Browning

Lyra Star is a mystical musical beauty, exuding delicate confidence and dazzling poise.

Today the California-based singer, songwriter and yoga instructor shares her newest music video for "Paper Moon," an ethereal track taken from her newly released album A Thousand Dreams, and it combines her two greatest passions in life: yoga and music. "I actually just woke up one morning with a vision for a music video of me in a white leotard doing my yoga practice with a black background... simple and elegant," she revealed to Musical Notes Global about the concept. "The song 'Paper Moon' just seemed like it would be the perfect fit for this vision because of its simplistic beauty as a song."

The video follows her vision exactly. In front of a black backdrop, Lyra shines in a solid white leotard as she shares her yoga practice. And while she emanates a powerful presence, she still presents a striking vulnerability to viewers that hooks them into her story.

"I approached Jared Swanson (who directed the video for my song 'Waltz'), and he really liked the concept," she explained. "I only came to realize how much I love creating songs, and I've always been really humble about my yoga practice despite people telling me that what I can do with my body is amazing. I shot a video a while back with another videographer of me doing yoga in the mud, and it got thousands of views and likes. I decided to combine my two passions for this video because I'm hoping that people will enjoy watching the visuals and then also recognize that the song is my original work as well."

PHOTO CREDIT: Olivia Browning

PHOTO CREDIT: Olivia Browning

"Paper Moon" is so much more than just another music video. Rather, it marks a new beginning in Star's life that will see her leaving her school teaching job to focus on music and yoga full time. "This video is meant to serve as me embarking on a journey, a new chapter in my life... one where I see if I can pursue my two passions in life and make a living doing it," she said. "I am taking a huge, flying leap into the unknown, but I am hoping to make this transition smoothly with grace and control, which is how I practice yoga. This is me putting myself out there visually by displaying my yoga practice to the world with my own song as a backdrop. In a sense, this is me embarking on new adventures in order to follow my dreams. I am leaving behind financial security and really putting myself out there... it's about letting go, releasing, and embracing what is to come.  I know it won't be easy, but I am excited to try."

Following her signature style, the music video for "Paper Moon" is a true spiritual experience, one that speaks to the soul and focuses the mind. "My hope is that they (viewers) enjoy watching the movements and are taken out of reality for a bit... it's meant to be mesmerizing and stunning but in a simple and elegant way," she said. "No flashy colors or lighting... just me, practicing yoga asana, something that I have devoted a large part of my life to during the past 10 to 12 years.  I just haven't put it on display until now. I hope viewers see a little part of me, both by hearing my music and watching me practice. Then maybe they will be curious to check in and follow me along my journey over the next year or two to see what happens... I have no expectations for what is to come, and I know these next steps are not going to be easy. I feel terrified and vulnerable, but I also feel ready for this adventure and excited to embrace the change and see where life will take me in this next phase. This video is about showcasing my interests/talents and what I am hoping to devote my life to during the next few years... putting myself out there as an artist and as a yogini."

Get swept away in the magic of "Paper Moon" below.


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