Track By Track: Vermillion Road Breaks Down New EP Escape

Denver-based rockers Vermillion Road never fail to bring down the house with their awesome high energy performances.

Gaining notoriety for their electrifying hard rock sound, lately the four-piece--Will Robison, Hunter Heurich, Logan Hileman, and Gil Leyva--has been transitioning into a more refreshing and contemporary electronic pop-rock sound, and they're winning over even more fans in the process.

On Friday, June 1, Vermillion Road released their new EP Escape, an addictive, vibrant six-track collection that includes their previously released singles "Gasoline" and "Only One." Today they share all the details about Escape in a track-by-track breakdown for Musical Notes Global. Check out their thoughts below!

Vermillion Road Escape EP MAIN.jpg

Our 6-song EP, Escape, marks a new beginning for us as we expand our rock roots and songwriting into the realm of alternative pop with electronic production. In making this EP, we strived to write catchy songs about love, life and loss, inspired from real-life experiences, while keeping the rock energy alive, along with the anthemic choruses we're known for.


This four-on-the-floor driving pop song is about taking big chances and going the distance, no matter how far, to be with the one you love. This has been one of our fan favorites since we started playing it live and people always seem to love singing along with us on the chorus. We thought this upbeat track was a great way to set the tone for the EP.


The chorus of this song randomly came to Hunter, our guitarist, while he was driving in traffic one day, and he couldn't get it out of his head. It's a catchy hard-hitting pop anthem about waking up in a haze after a crazy party only to discover that everyone is gone and you're all alone in a stranger's house wondering what happened the night before. Although this exact scenario never personally happened to Hunter, it was inspired by real life events as well as stories he'd been told.


Fake Love was the last song we wrote for the EP and it came together really fast. This song is about the superficial relationships that some people have and can't seem to break the cycle on. Basically, it's about looking for love in all the wrong places and unfortunately, a lot of people can probably relate to this. The line in the bridge, "Can't fill that void in your life with fool's gold," refers to how we can deceive ourselves into believing something is real when it actually isn't.


This fun, dancey tune was one of the earliest tracks written for the EP and it always gets the crowd moving when we perform it. We were on tour in Arizona when our singer, Will, saw these two super cute girls just chilling by the stage, and it was just one of those "well Hell-lo there" moments for him. They were so attractive that a melody popped into his head, along with the, "I got my eye on you" line, and he instantly realized we might have a song in that. He recorded it on his phone, and a couple of weeks later we were recording it for the record.


Music is a great way to escape from your everyday life and problems, so it only seemed fitting to name the EP after ESCAPE the 5th track on our CD, which is a song about leaving all of your worries behind and finding a way to enjoy the time you have with someone special. It has a big dramatic chorus that hopefully you can get lost in.


The final song on our EP takes a different turn from the more light-hearted upbeat feel that the other songs have. This song is an introspective number about being dumped by someone who you thought was you whole world. You loved them and thought they loved you back, only to discover, you were wrong about them the whole time. It seemed a fitting way to end the CD as it comes full circle from the opening song about being in love to the despair of losing it all which is the roller coaster of life we are all on.

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