Brighten Your Friday with "Moon Moon Baby", the New Single from HOAX

PHOTO CREDIT: Devon Bideau

PHOTO CREDIT: Devon Bideau

Indie alternative soul band HOAX has captured our hearts here at Musical Notes Global.

The eclectic, introspective Brooklyn-based quintet first came together in 2015 at Hofstra University and made their formal debut just a year later with the groovy self-released single "Beach House," which has accumulated 760,000 + Spotify streams to date.

Socially conscious, highly aware, and incredibly fashionable, HOAX is a truly international band, offering a rich and refreshingly diverse representation of cultures--its members are of Indian, Puerto Rican, Haitian, Ecuadorian, Irish, and Italian descent--and an enlightened perspective on life.

Today HOAX releases their new single "Moon Moon Baby," the lead track from their upcoming debut full-length album b?. Inspired by the band's recent trip to India, the sunshine-filled feel-good song blends glowing vocals with scintillating, luxurious melodies to send a message about simply being. "We had been in India, 'the land of be,' for about ten days, and it was enough time for us to take our limited and privileged perspective on 'how things worked' and completely break it down," Mike Raj, vocalist, said. "We were taking in so much knowledge about what it meant to 'be' - and it started to stick. Not long after, and in 45 minutes, I wrote all the lyrics to 'Moon Moon Baby.' It's the top of the iceberg when it comes to this deeply fleshed out concept of 'being' that we explain on our debut album."

Listen to "Moon Moon Baby" below.

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