Exclusive Premiere: Colombian-American Artist Matias Shares New Latin Crossover Single "Addictive"


Who could forget the Latin explosion of 1999?

Crossover artists like Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias absolutely took over the charts with hits like "Livin' La Vida Loca," and "Bailamos." Today, nearly 20 years later, those artists have paved the way for a slew of new talents like Colombian-American singer and songwriter Matias.

Born in the United States, Matias never learned to speak Spanish but carries his heritage in his music, a blend of modern pop and delectable Latin rhythms. Through his work, he's helping to bridge the gap between reggaeton and American pop, and we totally love him for it.

Today Matias premieres his new single "Addictive" exclusively with Musical Notes Global. Inspired by the flavors of flamenco and cumbia, he created the track during his nine-month trip to Colombia in collaboration with Grammy-nominated producer Jorge (Pyngwi) Holguin and Juan Da Morales. The track "started with a guitar and a simple melody," Matias explained. "I then took this to Juan Da Morales who added this amazing modern sound around my melody. It was then up to Pyngwi and I to create the vocal arrangement and production that really solidified the track. I also have to give a big shoutout as well to Cid Branko for his awesome guitar stylings..."

Matias ADDICTIVE.jpg

The third single to be released from Matias's upcoming EP, "Addictive" is rhythmically rich, sensual, and totally, well, addicting! It takes us right back to 1999 and those now-classic Latin pop hits, but Matias adds contemporary electronic elements and a splash of reggaeton, making it a crossover success for a new era. "This song represents the story that I feel most people have felt in their life. It is all about seizing the moment and the thought process behind making a quick decision which could change your life forever," he said. "The lyrics of this song utilize the symbolic relationship of a man and woman. The woman representing the idea of success or an unthinkable goal. The man being the person trying to achieve this goal. In the verses I talk about the process in which the man is thinking about how he could possibly approach this woman. Stunned by her beauty and in awe of her power he feels intimidated by her but knows he can't miss this opportunity. Like approaching a new goal in life we all feel the intimidation and fear but it's the power inside us that allows us to move past the fear and chase our dreams. In this story the man is Addicted to this woman's beauty but in reality I feel we are all addicted to finding our meaning and achieving our goals."

Want to learn more about Matias and his new single? Check out the video below and get the exclusive first listen of "Addictive" here. Pre-save it on Spotify here.

"Addictive" will be available on digital music platforms tomorrow, Friday, August 3. Be sure to stay tuned to Musical Notes Global's Instagram page. We've got a special surprise coming your way! Follow us @mngblog.

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