Valeska Rautenberg Releases 1st EP in 4 Part Series Aerial Minds



Valeska Rautenberg is a true creative.

From singing to acting to producing, Rautenberg, who is also the daughter of celebrated actor Klaus-Peter Thiele and painter Rosemarie Rautenberg, has done it all. She starred in movies and TV shows for 10 years, has toured with bands and gigged at a variety of venues from underground clubs to larger spaces, and still found the time to become a music teacher. She even co-wrote the hit single "Easy" by Trick & Kubik, which was featured in the finale of Germany's Next Top Model.

After taking a break from music, the Berlin-born artist jumped back into the game last year and is now working on an awesome new project that alleviates any emotional burdens we may carry in our day to day lives.

On August 13, Rautenberg released her new EP Aerial Minds, a celestial four-track collection of story-like songs that delve deep into the spirit to awaken, enlighten, inspire, and restore. "Aerial Minds helps me express the things I sometimes don't have the words for in real life," she said. "All four songs, though they vary in genre (from Darkpop/Trip-Hop to storytelling piano tunes), explore the EP's main theme; the element air, capturing the intangible, ethereal and unthinkable in their own very unique ways. It gets political, deals with loss, falls in love with human weaknesses and much more."

The EP is the first in a four-part series Rautenberg will release that channel the four elements: air, fire, water, and earth. Watch her latest music video for the track "I Am Weak And So Are You" below and get Aerial Minds now on digital music platforms.

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